Wilkergren Wedding Swank: 06/24/07

Aren't wedding websites the new "in" thing? Those of you who know us at all, know we are all about the latest trend--if it's free. So, this is the wedding website of Bethany Malmgren and Dylan Wilkerson. If you've found this, you are one of the more tech savy guests or you really like wedding blogs. We encourage your comments, your love, and your heartless ridicule. We love you!

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Why ghetto swank?

Originally Dylan and I were getting going to a honky tonk type wedding, but there don't seem to be many honky tonks in LA (kudos to the 29 Mules), so we had to look far and wide to find a venue that fit our a) budget b) personalities c) time frame. So, Club Fais Do Do just kinda fell in our lap and we are soooo excited about it. Large maroon curtains, the perfect size, affordable with plenty of seating and a stage area to highlight the awesome band. It's perfect. Here are some pictures:

from the stage